Simples! Grab a tape measure and measure around the largest part of their chest and the neck. We have a simple sizing guide that will tell you which size will fit the best. We also have a handy widget that allows you to see similar dogs in different sizes jackets with photos taken in real life.

From placing your order we aim to have it delivered in no longer than a week. For totally handmade and custom goods we think that's pretty good going. We keep in touch every step of the way via email. You'll receive an email when it's left our place and an email when it's arrived at yours, all trackable in between. Just email us if you have any issues at any stage.


We're a small family run place that simply love dogs. Between us we run dog events and sell lots of doggy related bits. DenimDogg was born by selling denim jackets at dog events and realising I loved making them and dogs looked GREAT in them! It is run by myself, Jessica with the occasional helping paw from my Dachshund, Neegan.

In short, we try and be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible with all of our decisions. We ensure that everything from office space and delivery of our stock to shipping of finished products is done in the most efficient, environmentally friendly way. We run everything from a small home office which we plan to run solely from solar power within the next few years. If we are ever undertaking something that is producing a lot of Carbon we use #teamtrees to offset this.

We work with a few dog specific charities in a few different ways. Mainly, through product donations in the form of denim jackets which the charities then sell and receive the proceeds. A few we enjoy working with include a few local dog rehoming charities & DMT DRSG who rescue Dachshunds from the meat trade in Asia. We also donate proceeds from certain patches to certain charities; the 'Mental Health Matters' patch to the charity, Mind, for example.